Worthy Cause

Charitable giving

How to donate to a worthy cause and benefit from it.

Nothing is more rewarding than making a donation to a worthy cause – except, perhaps, donating to a worthy cause and getting a tax deduction for it.

While most donations stem from a desire to make a positive impact, there’s no denying that tax deductions are a big incentive.

According to the 2018 Giving USA report, Americans gave a total of $410 billion to charity, equivalent to 2% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).  The majority of that giving, came from individuals – not surprising since 88% of households give to charity

Making a charitable donation is not only a chance to make a difference: it’s also an excellent way to reduce your tax burden for the year. The tax benefit is considered a compelling reason for making charitable deductions: more than two-thirds of high-net-worth donors said they would decrease their giving if they did not receive a corresponding tax deduction.  Donors often miss out on the tax benefits they deserve. A tax deduction for charitable giving is not complicated, however, if  you have any questions, please consult your adviser, CPA or tax accountant.


South Florida Donation Center makes easy to give to a worthy cause.

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