Why Donate?

If you can’t decide if you should have a sale to get rid of your excess stuff or just donate it, or you’re not sure which option in the end will benefit you most financially, here’s some good information to consider before calling South Florida Donation Center – a great Jewish Charity.

How much time and effort are you willing to spend on the selling vs. donating?

How much Fair Market Value are your donations worth?

How much are the people that you are selling to, WILLING to pay for your items?

Donating good but un-needed or un-wanted furniture can and will be less time consuming vs. trying to sell some of the items and moving or transporting the other to the new home.

There are a people who enjoy taking time to sell by having a yard sale or taking pictures and posting the items for sell on the internet.  Then there are those who would rather just put it in a box and call South Florida Donation Center and have it picked up, not having to deal with the time and money to promote the sale, the bargaining of shoppers, the initial pricing, the planning, etc.

Variety of Goods to be Donated





Household items



Home décor