Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I donate my stuff?

    Contact us online https://southfloridadonationcenter.com/contact/

    or use the contact form or Call 1(888) 626-6580 to schedule to have your donation picked up.

  • Why should I donate to South Florida Donation Center rather than another charity donation organization?

    South Florida Donation Center is linked to a great cause — the helping of local South Florida communities and their families; while generating funding and support to great Jewish organizations. Make your donations wisely, Support your Jewish Heritage!

  • What happens to our donated items?

    Some items are donated to families in our communities in need.  Some items are sold in our stores to generate money to fund programs from our partner charities.

  • What happens to our donated items that aren’t sold?

    Our goal is to try to generate the largest impact we can with your donation and find the best uses for the items donated. That’s why in most cases, we’ll do what we can to get items in Re-salable shape. As for items that can’t be sold in our stores, we’ve found other creative uses for them that still generate enough to be donated back out to the communities and charities we service.


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